Vacation Rental Remodels

Check out before and after photos of our work on vacation rental redesigns.

These properties (plus many more that we've consulted on) make up the trials and errors that lead to our success. These properties make up the Vacation Rental Profit Lab. When we have a wildly successful vacation rental, we make notes in our lab journals and repeat the process elsewhere, if appropriate for the location.

If we have an underperforming property, like one we're working on right now, we'll inspect it, measure its metrics, and make changes until it’s also wildly successful.

We’ve helped owners all over the world, as well as our neighbors, I know we can help you too!

Starfish Blue

Located on the gorgeous island of Fiji, we built this dreamy property with a resort feel in mind. We ensured guests would have incredible ocean and sunset views and decorated the inside with relaxing tropical decor.

Suite Willow

Who says small spaces can’t be luxurious? Having less sq. footage to work with can be challenging in terms of making it functional and fabulous but we think we nailed it! What do you think?


We combined cozy, romantic, and comfort all in this quaint 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom property in downtown Hendersonville, NC! Check out how we pulled it off from the photos on the wall, to the linens on the bed.

Encanto Dream

Sometimes less is more and it can definitely save you some money, especially if you can get creative. We simplified the design and decor giving it a light and airy feel with this vacation rental in Tulum, Mexico. Take a look!


Tight spaces can be tough to design but with a little creativity and open mind, you can tackle it on a dime and still make it feel luxurious. See for yourself with our Eclipse makeover.


We added flare to this vacation rental to stand out from the crowd. See what we did and find inspiration for your Airbnb.


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