WOW Your Guests


The wow factor is critical in your vacation rental. I want you to really dig deep in your own property and figure out what you can do to add as much wow factor as you can.

It's amenities, it's lateral promotions... When you use people that aren’t your direct competition but are seeking that same traveler, such as dive operations, tour companies, spas, restaurants, cafes, tours, you name it, you can build relationships with them, as well as add amenities to your own place. It makes the vacation so much easier for the traveler and it makes it easier for them to say yes to your vacation rental, because you’ve done it all for them. They’re not coming to stay just in your vacation rental. They're coming for the whole experience. So the more you can add to that the better.

For example, in my vacation rental, I have a masseuse that will come do massages poolside or up in the master suite. We have dive shops that they can work with. The maids can make meals for them. We have a hanging bed. There's just so many things that we offer and every year we do a major upgrade. One year it was the hanging bed. Another year it was re-tiling the pool area. Another year it was granite in a kitchen. Another year it was stainless steel appliances. Another year it was hardwood floors, rather than this rough tile that the builder had put in, on the entire downstairs.

So, take about 10 percent of your income and infuse it back into your property. Think about ways that you can just really knock the traveler's socks off. I can remember watching, I think it was Two Weeks Notice with Hugh Grant and Sandra Bullock. Hugh Grant had in his office what looked like a panel wall, but it pulled down and transformed into a massage bed.

What can you think of that's out of the box that really would delight your travelers? If you’re on a lake, you could offer adult and kid fishing gear. At my house, we're right on a reef, so I include snorkel gear so they can snorkel as much as they want. That saves hundreds off of their vacation. But for me, it's a small expense.

So, get creative and jump on my Facebook page, Vacation Rental Profit Lab. Go ahead and join. Then let's get the conversation started about what wow factor is in your area. To your success!


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