A Simple Trick to Lure Your Lookers into Bookers for Your Airbnb


How persuasive are you?

You’ve heard the term “power of persuasion”, right? Well, that’s what we’re digging into today. And it’s going to be AWESOME! So stick with me!

Listen, I can honestly say some people are just born with the gift but many of us have to be taught how to sell using persuasion. A lot of people are in fact a little intimidated by this course of action – yes, yes, another fear is rising up. But hey, I get it! This part is a little scary.

There are so many fears surrounding this one. The fear of sounding desperate. The fear of sounding pushy. The fear of sounding stupid.

But I am here to put these fears to rest. I’m going to free you from these fears by giving you the confidence of using power words throughout your copywriting.

So, what are power words?

Glad you asked! Power words are specific strategic words that trigger an emotional response. They’re so powerful that readers can buckle at the knees when they read them. Not really but you get the analogy, right?

Power words are so powerful that they automatically make your reader’s take action. You need these power words to rise above your competition and get booking, after booking, after booking. And there’s really not much work involved. All you have to do is just sprinkle a few into your listings and let them do their magic. That’s the best part!

So, where should you use them? Anywhere! Everywhere! Anywhere that you think seems appropriate that would entice your potential guest to take action.

Use them in your title so they click to view your property. Use them in your description so they’re eager to rent your place and in your photo captions. Use them in your marketing emails when you need more heads in beds.

So are you ready to release the power?! Great! Get going!... I hope you really didn’t think I was going to leave you hanging without giving any examples of power words. That’d be cruel.

Lucky for you, we’ve compiled a killer list of 100 power words for you to incorporate in your listings today! Why wait? Do it now! It’s the easiest and quickest thing you can do right now to boost your conversions from lookers to bookers!


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