Vacation Rentals: Top 10 Ways They've Impacted My Life


This list was done a couple of years ago but they still stand true. So, without further ado, here are the top 10 ways vacation rentals impacted my life for the better.

#10 - Happy Travelers Funds paid for my homes.

#9 - No mortgage.

We have a 2-bedroom home that we're going to make into a duplex, and when we rent out the other side, nine nights a month, we have no mortgage. Everything above that is pure profit.

#8 - Constant learning.

I get to go to conferences, listen to podcasts, read books, etc. I distill it down and I teach it to people, which is so much fun - for me at least.

#7 - I'm almost always the most interesting person in the room.

When people find out I have vacation rentals, they want to find out how they can get in on it too because they're tired of paying for vacations and they want to profit from it.

#6 – People interactions.

Like the maids in Fiji or the honeymooners that I get to help plan a trip in Mexico…my life is more extraordinary because of the people I get to interact with.

#5 – The biz ranks high on the Fun-O-Meter.

I've never been more satisfied with my work. There always seems to be a way to make more money in this business and the industry keeps growing and evolving for the better.

#4 - I get to live like a local no matter where I go.

#3 - Shopping.

We came back from our honeymoon, bought two houses within three weeks, and we were leaving for Fiji in two weeks. I had eight bedrooms, two kitchens, two living rooms, two dining rooms, three or four bathrooms, and we were able to pull it together and have people booking and staying while we were in Fiji.

The process of shopping for furniture and room accessories, and staging it was so much fun and an amazing feeling!

#2 - Free vacations.

We swapped homes with a couple in St. Augustine and took our adult children on vacation and spent not one dime, other than food and gas.

They had a pool, they had a hot tub, they had all the beach toys we could want and a media room for Monday Night Football, Thursday Night Football, movies, etc. It was a fantastic time.

#1 - Income stream.

This one is huge! I was able to jailbreak my husband out of his office job. He was able to restructure it so he can work from the road, and he hasn't been back since.

I'm a firm believer in multiple income streams, and I really think you ought to consider vacation rentals as part of your portfolio, part of your income stream, and part of your future!



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