Relieve Their Pain Point and Get More Guests! Insider Tip Inside

airbnb vacation rental Jun 11, 2019


If you know anything about the real estate industry, location is a biggie! The first place they put in the search bar, whether it be within Airbnb or Vrbo, or Google, is city.

Here’s the truth. Your guests picked a location to vacation at, right? That was their first order of business. Then they looked for a place to stay. They want it to be EASY.

Put yourself in their shoes. Mom is sitting in her car at school pick up line. She has her iPhone out, looking for a vacation. She sees 2 identical listings. One is priced a bit higher (yours) but yours is higher in the listing sort and has better reviews.

She clicks.

There, in the copy, is everything she needs to plan for her family’s trip. Free things to do with kids, how far it is from the beach, reputable babysitting service, distance from the aquarium, free days for local attractions, etc.

Her vacation is slowly unfolding right before her eyes. They will LOVE this.

Why will they love this? It cuts down their time to plan stuff. It cuts down their time to think about what to do. Someone else has done the research for them!

So, how does one become a tour guide for your Airbnb guests without physically being there to show them around?

Everywhere your home is listed, including listing sites and your own website is the prime area to put this information on there. For two huge reasons:

  1. It helps your guests plan their trip to your area.
  • List upcoming events on your website
  • List places to see/sightsee
  • List cool local hangouts
  • List live music joints
  • List local restaurants $-$$$ (no chains)
  • List hiking trails/bike trails/nearby lakes or rivers
  1. The second is it creates a bit of a psychological bond between you and your guests. You are their go-to resource. You are the insider. You are trustworthy.

The longer they spend on YOUR listing or website, the more connected they feel to you, and the less likely they are going to go somewhere else.

Ready to get started? We’ve created a checklist of things you may want to include in your “local tour guide brochure”. Feel free to add your own ideas to it. After all, no one knows your area better than you do.


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