Got Questions?

Questions. We have them all the time, including within our vacation rental business.

“How do I price my vacation rental?”

“How do I handle key exchange?”

“My guest is mad that the air conditioning went out, how do I handle it?”

“How do I get bookings on my own?”

“There are lots of short term rentals in my area. How can I stand out?”


There’s no central building where we owners work, no common location where we can pop into someone’s office and ask a quick question, or go out for a cup of coffee and talk shop.

I’d like this Facebook Page to be a place where you can ask and get questions, like fellow vacation rental owner Mark. I happened to be in Sydney, Australia, during Vivid Sydney, but had 2 minutes to send this quick video answer to his question.

So, watch it here, then send in your question to [email protected] or simply leave it in the comments section below the Facebook post!



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