A Game Changing Deal You Won't Want to Miss


Airbnb started out as a really low budget platform. You could couch surf. You could stay in somebody's room in their house. And now it's had a total shift. You're not even allowed to count an air mattress, which ironically is how the owners started, by renting out air mattresses on their living room floor for $80 a night when there was a design conference in San Francisco because they couldn't make their rent. But now they even have Airbnb Lux. They have Airbnb Plus. They have super hosts. They're really trying to get quality properties at a fair price.

If you haven't joined this platform yet and you have a vacation rental, you're very likely missing out. The word “Airbnb” has become the universal term in the industry…

"Oh, you're Airbnbing it?”

“You're going to an Airbnb this weekend?”

“We rented an Airbnb for the night.”

…so the first place your potential customers are most likely going to go is Airbnb. I have an Airbnb. The lexicon has taken over the industry in a way that kind of makes me cringe because I like to call them vacation rentals.

But I have exciting news! If you use this affiliate link to sign up as a new Airbnb Host, you'll get $10 after your first guests stay. You'll get an extra $10!

I have some secrets that will help you build your listing so that it will appeal to the Airbnb audience, and therefore rank higher. Airbnb, HomeAway, and VRBO offer up a minimum of 300 properties. So, if you're not on the first two pages, you're not being seen.

My goal is to help you be seen and be booked. I'm going to help guide you through creating your listing and help you avoid some of the pitfalls that other people make so you can rise to the top of the listings and make really good money.

If you use this link to sign up, I'll send you a video where I point out key things to wild success on Airbnb - insider secrets that most people have no idea about. 

Important! Send me an email at [email protected] to let me know you've signed up for Airbnb. This way, I'll know to send you the secrets to building a money-making Airbnb listing. 

P.S. It may seem like I'm pushing Airbnb, but I don't share anything I don't believe in. I am a Super Host and use Airbnb for all of my properties. I just want you to know how to do it the RIGHT way!


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