In Praise of 1 Night Stays

 I recently opened a a 1 bed/1 bath vacation rental. The target market is couples traveling to Hendersonville, NC. You can peek at it here until I get it on our web site.

We have 2 show stoppers- the deck and the bathroom. The afternoon before we opened, we had spent ages putting finishing touches on things. 

So, when the first guests checked out after a one night stay, I was excited to see evidence of how they enjoyed the property.

The bedroom looked fantastic, they even made the bed!

The bathroom- well, what had happened in there I thought was an anomaly. 

Only it wasn't.

It has happened over and over again in the past 4 months.

The towels were perfectly placed the way we had laid them out the night before.

And dry. I inspected them. Not a hair. 

The shower was dry. 

They stayed, but didn't take a shower.


I thought it was a one off. That they just got too busy and had to get on the road.


But it seems to be a thing. People are trying to cram more into their vacations than is reasonable. So, the thing they skip is the shower. The "I'll just wait until we get home, I really want to try that breakfast place, so let's go!"

Other things that aren't being used...

The kitchen. At all. With the exception of 2 coffee mugs, our one night standers have not used a thing. The fridge, the oven, the sink- all of it is clean. Occasionally, there is a pizza box in the fridge.

Guess who's really happy?

Our Turnover Team. These are houses that have just been cleaned the day before.

Since they aren't used heavily, the clean is super quick. 

Now- this is NOT a good fit for every vacation rental. If you have a 3 bedroom or higher, you could end up burning out your turnover team if the guests heavily use the house. Or, it could be an invitation to "Party Here." 

But, I find couples spend their time out. They don't need the vacation rental to use as a meeting place with friends and family, and they share the same house, often, so staying in and watching Netflix is not what they paid for.

So, don't take this as advice, but take it as something to consider.

Would you change your minimum to 1 night? Why?


Elizabeth Carson Ellington

Vacation Rental Profit Lab, Owner
Speaker, International Living and REIA




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