Meet the Ellingtons

Vacation Rental Experts

It's an understatement saying Beth is passionate about the business of vacation rentals. She went from being a Psychology Major to a full-blown real estate mogul, who has been tearing up the industry for over 20 years.

She and her husband, David, own six profitable Airbnb properties all over the world. They understand the challenges, the costs, the mistakes, and many other blunders that could put you in the state of giving up on your vacation rental; however, they've seen the transformations, they've experienced significant growth in their income, and most importantly, they're now living their best life. For these reasons, Beth is determined to help others who have the desire to become vacation rental experts - and so the birth of Vacation Rental Profit Lab came about.

Beth has helped out mini-resort investors from losing a quarter of a million dollars a year to making a profit in just one month, along with many other clients who are dipping their toes in the Airbnb industry. 

Yes, Beth is an extremely accomplished entrepreneur with a plethora of vacation rental success stories she can make a book series about. But her biggest accomplishment, her proudest endeavor was raising her daughter Emilie.


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