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Reverse Engineering the 5 Star Review for 5 Figure Years

Elizabeth (Beth Carson) Ellington has been delighting guests since 2005, before Airbnb and HomeAway were companies. As Chief Guest Happiness Officer and Profit Center Engineer, Elizabeth has experimented with a wide array of ideas for guest delight as well as increased profit. Her cup overfloweth with knowledge that she would love to share with you.

 Our courses are complete step-by-step guides to fulfill that ever so familiar "block" of what to do next and a route on the fast track to become a successful vacation rental owner. Below you can find out what you'll learn PLUS awesome bonuses that you can't find anywhere else!

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The Real Estate Investor's Guide to Vacation Rental Profits

- what to look for when buying a VR

- ways to wow your guests

- decision making secrets

- understanding legalities

- list of bargaining resources

- 4 financing options

- the #1 thing to do to make guests happy

- and so much more plus bonuses!


Vacation Rental Profit Accelerator

- 3 major listing sites 

- how to list for free

- inside Airbnb's BIGGEST secret

- complete breakdown with pointers on how to structure the perfect listing

- industry specific photography tips

- 10 tips for phone photography

- a social media tip that can dramatically increase bookings 

- and so much more plus bonuses!


Vacation Rental Profits

- 7 ways to get into the VR business

- 6 factors to consider before purchasing a VR overseas

- 7 places to find great VR deals

- simplified tax information

- detailed guidance for property management

- pro marketing tips

-expert advice on dealing with cranky guests and mishaps

- pricing your overseas VR


Blog Posts

"I believe that through knowledge and discipline, financial peace is possible for all of us." - Dave Ramsey

""Thanks to the variable pricing you guys taught us about, the profitability is really doing well. I wanted to give it a year to see how we did. It has definitely worked. We are now in the process of converting and acquiring more properties for vacation rentals.""


"Elizabeth and David really made us find our purple cow and see our diamond in the rough."


"Elizabeth and husband David are very good at marketing and finding the right words to help guests understand how special my property is."

~ Anonymous

"I feel more comfortable connecting all of our places together, with Facebook, and getting our website up and running."

~ Sherry

"We already had a vacation rental but we waited to speak with Beth before moving forward. Now, we're ready to start opening up more!"

~ Anonymous

"Beth and David teach you and they'll be new light bulbs in your head. Like seeds sprouting up of possibilities that are out there."

~ Dunja Hegeman

"My biggest take away was the importance of marketing a vacation rental property. It's one of the most important things of getting your bookings."

~Brent B.

"I've learned quite a lot from Beth and I feel far more comfortable now being able to do this on my own."

~Jill B.

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